About BuyAndRead

About us

BuyAndRead AS is a private held Norwegian company located and registered in Norway. We own and develop the service www.buyandread.com. The company is located in Norway and India.

BuyAndRead began its business venture from Norway on 1st January 2003 and has made proven inroads in the online market, which is now one of the world's fastest growing online communities. We strive to bring to the people all around the world the latest in newspapers, magazines, tabloids and publications. With our service www.buyandread.com you can read your favourite newspaper anywhere, everywhere and at anytime!

We have our end users in mind!

Our aim at www.buyandread.com is to bring your favourite and the best of newspapers and magazine from the world, at the tip of your fingers.

The end users join us because:

  • They can find their favourite publication at ONE Internet site.
  • Ensuring quality in the content provided.
  • A possibility to read your favourite newspaper online and offline.
  • A wide variety to choose from.
  • Easy methods of payment and delivery
  • Complete searchable archive

We have our Publishers in mind!

BuyAndRead AS are catering to more than 120 publications and have made our presence felt in more than four countries.

The publishers join us because:

  • We offer increased income without any new costs. (We don't cost you a thing)
  • We bring new possibilities to your customers which will increase your customer's loyalty.
  • We market our service and this will increase the brand awareness of the publishers joined.
  • We ensure state of the art technology.
  • You receive an opportunity to sell present and also older publications.
  • You receive an opportunity to sell both full newspapers and individual pages.
  • We provide an easy, transparent and efficient distribution network.
  • Through our marketing expertise we help create demand for you.
  • We bring out frequently new and innovative services to help our publishers.
  • You receive an increased read and viewer ship.

Join us! There are NO risks involved!


Head office - Norway

BuyAndRead AS
Bernhardmyra 11
E-mail.: company@buyandread.com
Org.nr.: NO 980 039 005 MVA

Branch office - India

84/92, Dhawalgiri Marg,
Mansarovar, Jaipur-302020
Mobile: +91 9950459789
E-mail: india@buyandread.com